Good Times with Christine and Graeme!

Christine and Graeme_web photo

Congratulations to Christine and Graeme on their engagement! We are so thrilled that you chose us to capture the love you share and are so looking forward to your wedding day in 2015. You two have to be the biggest movie buffs we know so we thought it fitting to choose this image to represent the day we spent together. We wish you all the best and look forward to planning your wedding day photography…Enjoy!

Portrait Session with Dan Sample

Dan_Sample1 Dan_Sample2

A great portrait session with Dan yesterday evening. We have known Dan since shortly after we moved to Shelburne, having met him and his wife at a school event for their children. He is a wonderful person who cares dearly for his family and is always ready to help his friends and his community. Thank you for choosing Mad River Photography for your portraits Dan.