Cindy and Dave’s Family Portraits

Hull_Harmon_portraits-6435Finally today arrived! We¬†have been planning today for quite awhile. Hoping the weather would cooperate and thankfully it did! Just as our shoot finished and we gobbled down the AMAZING lunch Cindy and Dave brought us, oh and of course Dave was gone fishing…the rain started. Thank you Dave, Cindy and family (and you Boomer) for allowing us the opportunity to capture your absolutely beautiful family. We hope that you will look back on your portraits and treasure them as the years pass. We know that our children grow up so fast and although portrait sessions are boring for our kids and we never know if everyone is smiling or if one is making bunny ears over our heads they are worth every minute in the end.


Becca and Drew’s Wedding



What a wonderful couple! We had such a great time with Becca and Drew. From a beautiful and yet simple ceremony that focused on the importance of marriage and the vows that they made to each other to a fun-filled photo shoot following. They have such a lovely family to support them as their journey begins as husband and wife. We wish them a lifetime of happiness together.